Masseuses of the Dnieper.

Massage is the most ancient and sacred skill of mankind, aimed at delivering pleasure. We propose to surrender to the hands of experienced masseurs of the Dnieper, who will quickly provide your body with a surge of strength, and spirit cheerfulness.
What kind of massage do our girls specialize in?
Just want to say that massage can be, as with erotic, sexual continuation, and without it.
Massage "Cherry branch". Since ancient times, Japanese geishas were considered the most sophisticated girls, versed in the subtleties of carnal pleasures. This massage is most in demand among our clients, because it is performed by the hot tongue of the masseuse of the Dnieper, and what can be more beautiful than the whole body kissing and playful caresses.
Classic and professional massage is a traditional technique of stimulating blood flow to the epidermis and internal organs. But, if you so wish, traditional massage can grow into something big. Always dreamed about how the masseuse of the Dnieper passes from stroking and grinding back to something more piquant? Then this service is for you!

Masseurs of the Dnieper and rest with them.

Tired after a busy week? It's time to stretch out on your bed, and entrust your frail body to the tender hands of an experienced masseuse of the Dnieper. Relaxing massage tones up better than ten cups of strong coffee, has a therapeutic effect that can not be obtained otherwise.
And of course, we could not ignore the connoisseurs of Thai massage. Our girls will let you plunge into the atmosphere of a distant exotic country without leaving home. Why go for fresh sexual experience for several thousand kilometers, if you can get it in your native Dnipro.
Urological massage. Under this name lies an important technique aimed at maintaining male health. Prostate massage, or urological massage - is a very intimate procedure, besides requiring from the performer special delicacy, which can not always be provided by ordinary doctors. Agree, it's much more pleasant to take massage at the hands of a young beauty than from... Well, you yourself have understood.
Acupressure. A popular technique today, which allows to have a beneficial effect on the work of individual bodies. Stimulation of certain points is carried out by our masseuses with deep knowledge of the case, so you are guaranteed to get rid of possible negative consequences.

Masseurs of the Dnieper - massage and its features.

Massage with erotic overtones, this is an opportunity to diversify their sexual leisure, while combining it with useful manipulations for body and spirit. Of course, you have the right to consider this service exclusively through the prism of sex, a certain prelude to it, but we assure you that our masseuses know perfectly well what they are doing. And again, we will emphasize that you have the right to choose a masseuse yourself using a questionnaire.
Believe me, you will remember this massage for a very long time. After the first session, a massage will also be added to your sexual fantasies. The gentle hands of our masseuses will make your body tremble in anticipation of the brightest orgasm.